Less Collaboration, More Quiet: Building For Gen Z, The Digital Natives Coming Soon To The Workforce


In the last two years, millennials have become the largest generation in the American workforce. Developers, designers and landlords have been falling over themselves to create workplaces that will keep millennials happy to give companies a competitive edge in the war for talent. But Generation Z — of which the oldest members are turning 22 this year, according to Pew Research — are now a reality in the workplace.

Though there are few of them in full-time employment yet (as of 2019, Pew has defined Gen Z as those born in 1997 and onward), they will begin making a meaningful mark on offices and corporate culture in the next decade.

Building and creating for a multigenerational, diverse workforce — and creating the kinds of amenities that will be attractive in the ruthless office leasing market — will all be discussed at Bisnow’s New York City Office & Workplace of the Future event June 20.  “The biggest issue for Gen Z is how they are being asked to work,” said Corey Seemiller, an associate professor at Wright State University who has written four books on the generation. “They are intrapersonal learners. They love learning, but do it on their own. If they are forced to collaborate, it’s going to be overwhelming.”

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